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Riding To The Rescue

The Underdog Railroad is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer based transport & rescue dedicated to transporting dogs from over crowded shelters & those at risk of going to a shelter to receiving shelters & rescues in areas that have room to care for them. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Montana & Wyoming are our primary destinations, although we focus our transports on Idaho & Utah. Since its inception in March of 2017, we have transported or sent to rescue over 1,000 dogs (5 kittens & 1 rabbit too) at an average cost of $10.48 per animal. We strive to use our donated dollars to the best of our abilities & thank you for your support of our mission of helping dogs out. 

Thank you,

Cara & Gary

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How Can You Help?

- Volunteer to drive (local transport needed too)

-Short term fosters needed (between 1 & 10 days)

-Donate to our transports (monetary, towels, crates, help load the van)

-Share our social media posts 

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The Numbers



428 Animals Transported at a cost of $6,434.56 or $15.03 per dog

Donations totaled $4,280.00 for a deficit of $2,154.56


Jan-Dec 31

862 Animals Transported at a cost of $11,862.77 (or $13.76 per dog)

Veterinary Expenses $3,142.45

Donations totaled $16,869.43

Surplus of $1864.21

Minus 2017 loss of $2,154.56 leave us with an estimated loss of $290.35